Web Designing Services

1.How much is the average cost for design a website?

The pricing options depend on multiple factors. According to your website requirements, our team will discuss with you about your website projects such as the size of website you are looking for, features, number of pages, responsive designs, interactivity, graphic design features, writing contents etc. we will analyse for each functionalities you are looking for and explain the cost module. If you want to make an email queries with us, please send your requirements to


2. Can you able to design a mobile friendly websites or Responsive websites?

Yes. Sam web solution having excellent team of web designers who are familiar with responsive web designing skills. From last decade of years we built multiple responsive websites to our clients businesses. Whether you want website for small level or high level business, our designers can build multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops screen sizes and variety of monitors etc.

3. What is wireframe?

Wireframe is the web designing technique which is used to create a sample visual representation to your website project. This is called as web mock ups, which are highlighting your website might look. It does not have graphics, color schemes and coding. Our designing professionals are well experts to create wire frames to understand our clients that how your website is going to be look with the help of Photoshop tools and other designer tools.

4. Is my website work on mobile, tablet devices?

Absolutely. Professional web designing team at SAM Web Solution can able to design responsive websites to your business. All websites we built for mobile devices and other devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets etc. By using various responsive web designing methodologies and advanced media queries, our designer team can build responsive websites which is compatible for all the devices screen sizes.

5. What types of technologies using to develop website?

Web development team at SAM Web Solution experts in all advanced designing tools and technologies to build your websites.

Our web developers are well experts in following designing technologies are,
  • HTML5 & CSS3 web development
  • XHTML, CSS and Flash
  • JavaScript, PHP and XML
  • CMS web development
  • Word press Web development
  • Drupal Web Development
  • Joomla Web Development
  • Ecommerce Web Development
  • Flash animated web development
  • Responsive web development
  • Motion UI and Web API
  • Instagrams and Node JS
  • Web UI components & New JavaScript features

According to our client’s requirements as well as latest technology trends, we use various designing strategies to build your websites.

6. Can you make any changes in my website after launch?

Yes. Our web designing professionals can build word press websites to our clients who want to update their website on regular basis. Word press platform allows user to update, modify and maintain their up to date website contents by their own. According to your website packages, our on-going maintenance and designing team can provide word press training to manage your website contents without need of any programming languages.

7. Do you offering website redesigning services?

Yes. We proudly offer website redesigning services to your old websites using new advanced web designing technologies. According to the recent search engine algorithm updates, most of the webmasters requested us to redesign their websites. Our website redesigning services can retain your website with entirely different style and attractive look. If your business websites are not responsible for mobile and other devices, please feel free to contact our website redesigning team by mail to


8. What is content management system (CMS) website?

Content Management System is the open source web development tool which allows web masters to maintain their website pages by their own without need of any programming skills. Content management system does not require any software tools. It is the effective way to build easy to navigate and SEO friendly websites to your business. It allows website owners to update their website contents such as contents, articles, images, product details, blog entries in up to date manner. With the help of internet access and browser you can manage your business website catalogues.

9. What types of CMS web development you are offering?

Professional CMS web development and CMS web designing team at SAM Web Solution provides different types of CMS services to build your business websites are,

  • Word press web development
  • Joomla web development
  • Drupal web development
  • Expression Engine & text pattern
  • Radiant CMS
  • Cushy CMS
  • Silverstripe
  • Alfresco
  • TYPOlight

Our web development team will understand your requirements and provided user friendly and search engine friendly web solutions with our different types of CMS web development methodologies. According to our client’s requirements, we can work on different types content management system applications and build responsive websites to promote your business.

10. Which types of payment options you are offering?

Direct payments, Cheques and credits cards are acceptable. Before begin your project you need to deposit some 40 or 50% down payments. Once the project has been completed, you should ready to pay the remaining payment.

Web Development Services

1. How long it take to develop an entire website?

Web development team at SAM web Solution can complete your website projects within allocated time frame. If you would like to design fully functional websites with multiple features, it takes some time for development process. Custom web development requires 2-4 weeks based on the how complex designing functions you wants to enhance within your web projects. According to the number of pages, functionalities, the server side development work will takes extra 2 weeks than average time frame.

2. What is web application development?

SAM Web Solution provides fully functional web application development services to engage your online business. Our web application development services included mobile application development, ERP development, PHP application development, Ecommerce application development and Custom application development. Whether you want to build any kinds of real time web applications with advanced technologies, please feel free to contact our development team at


Our development team can able to understand your complex business requirements and delivers effective and responsive web solutions which is compatible for all the devices.

3. Do you offer web development service for Ecommerce/online stores?

Yes Definitely. We serve professional Ecommerce web development services to various personal, business, Ecommerce and online stores. Especially, our (CMS) content management system, magento, Drupal, shopify, word press technologies to build custom Ecommerce websites to our clients business.

Some of our Ecommerce web development services are,
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Custom Ecommerce website design
  • Responsive ecommerce web development
  • Ecommerce cart development
  • Shopping cart development
  • Plugin and module development
  • Online shopping website design and development
  • Website maintenance and support

4. I want to build quality website. How do I believe you can satisfy my web development requirements?

Take a look to visit our previous work on our website gallery. Sam Web Solution is the trustworthy web development company provides quality web designing and web development to your business and industrial needs. Before begin your project, our expert web designing and development team will send sample website mock ups and wire frames to explain you that how your website looking. Our team can explain the visual representation of your web projects with the help of flow diagrams, mock-ups and sample PSD templates until you satisfied. Once you satisfied with our idea, we will do further web activities to enhance your websites.

5. What are the web development processes?

Web development team at SAM Web Solution will enhance your website project by our step by step guidelines. The steps involved in the web development process are,

Analysis – Understanding client requirements and ideas

Planning – Finalize which designing methodology is suitable to kick-off your project

Mock ups designing- Designing web mock ups, templates designing using graphic design tools

Design Revision – Get feedback from clients and do additional changes to finalize

Development Cycle – Develop website with latest tools and designing functionalities such as CMS, XHTML, CSS and Flash, JavaScript, PHP and XML

Testing – Finding and fixing bugs to enhance easy to navigate, user friendly and search engine friendly websites.

6. Is your websites are search engine friendly?

Yes. Our web development team can build search engine friendly websites to your business. All our websites are built with search engine compliances. By keeping up to date search engine guidelines, our professional team of web designers will start design and develop your website. Our designer team can build easy to navigate websites with keyword optimized, flexible layouts, flexible images, and Flash free websites to improve search engine experiences. We assure that, our web development will focus on upcoming search engine algorithm updates.

7. I want to develop flash animated website? Can you able to do?

Yes. We can develop eye catchier and attractive flash animated websites to your business websites. Especially, our word press web development is the best way to apply flashy files within your website. It also having additional features to make an attractive flash effects when its requires in your web pages.

Our excellent and experienced team of creative web development team can build eye catchier look animated flash websites which is responsible for upcoming mobile devices and different versions of internet browsers.

8. Can you do content writing services?

Yes. We have separate team for writing your website contents. Our content writing professionals can write 100% unique and interesting contents to your website pages, product descriptions, blog writing, article writing etc. if you don’t have contents to keep on your website, please let us know our team. We can provide content writing services according to the plans you chosen. Hence, please feel free to contact our team by mail to: sales@samwebsolution.com.

9. How many pages are the limited to my website?

Its depends on your business requirements. For example, if you want to build websites for your Ecommerce business, it requires unlimited pages to add your new products. Hence, our web development can provide option to enhance multiple numbers of pages based on your Ecommerce websites. Our web development team can build mobile responsive website development services within your budget level.

10. I already have website, I want to update it regularly? Can you do it?

Yes of course. If you want to manage your up to date website contents, our web maintenance and support is the best option to do it. According to the algorithm updates and changes, our team of professionals will update your website content, blog entries on regular basis. Do you would like to get web maintenance services with your web development projects or looking for web maintenance services for your existing websites, please let us know our team? We will serve quality website development and website maintenance services to bolster your online business in top search engines.

Graphic Design Services

1. What is graphic designing? What types of graphic designing services you are providing?

Graphic designing is the creative art which represents your brand identity and other professional designs through graphic elements to promote your brand. It is the process of combining text, graphics elements to create visual communication such as logos, posters, templates, banners, newsletters etc.

Sam Web Solution specialized in following types of graphic designing services are,
  • Logo/Corporate Identity Design
  • Banner Design
  • Publication Design
  • Template Design
  • Advertising and stationery
  • Icons & web graphics
  • Image Editing & Photo Illustration Etc.

Contact Sam Web Solution team to get any kinds of graphic designing services to build better brand awareness to your business.

2. Do you offer logo design services? Types of logo designing?

Yes. Our graphic designers are specialized in logo designing services. We can design your brand identity using eye catchier designs and graphics.

We offer following types of logo design services are,
  • Graphic & Linear Logos
  • Hybrid of Illustrate logos
  • Iconic logos
  • Text & font logos
  • Letter mark logo designing
  • Symbol mark logo designing
  • Combination mark logo designing
  • Emblem Logo designing

We can understand our client requirements and helps them to visualize their ideas with our logo designing services. More details mail to:


3. What software tools you are using for designing?

Our graphic designing team having excellent skills in graphic designing tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, light room, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Paint.Net, PhotoScape, Paint Brush, Mac paint, Cinema 4D, GIMP, Adobe creative suite, Ink Space, AutoCAD etc.

4. What is the responsibility of clients in the designing process?

As a graphic designing company, our designers can discuss with our clients to analyse their expectation and creative ideas they want to implement. We request our clients to bring their colour opinions and font styling formats according to their point of view. Once the designing process has been initiate, we will encourage our clients to make corrections and exploring their new ideas with our team. This will helps us to satisfy ourselves while continuing their designing process. Once we have completed the project, we will send final copy to our clients before printing in various formats like PSD, JPEG, PNG, GIF etc. we always keep your project copy with us. Hence, you can get it from us at any time.

5. Do you offer graphic design services for small businesses also?

Yes. We are proud to work on our clients projects even it is small. We serves many online business industries from small enterprises, medium enterprises into large scale industries with our various types of designing services such as Logo designing, Banner designing, Template designing, Newsletters designing etc. Our customers from various countries are still getting beneficial graphic design services from us. We will help our clients to promote their business on various online mediums.

6. Can I get vector file for my logo, once the design has been done?

Yes. Our logo designing team can deliver your project at any formats like graphic, vector etc. once we get final approval from our clients, we will deliver their projects with require file formats they wants.

7. How much is the estimated cost for graphic design services?

The pricing range varies according to each and every project. Our designing team can flexible to work on your project based on your budget level. We promise that we never disappoint our any clients by applying hidden pricing while during project enhancements. Once we get approval from our clients, we should concentrate on prior activities. We are accepting payments through credit card, PayPal, cheque etc.

8. Are you familiar in template designing or website layouts designing?

Yes. We are providing website templates designing, wireframe and mock ups designing to our clients requirements. Our template designing services helps to bring your conceptual ideas into visualization. We are also familiar with PSD to HTML conversion, PSD template designing services etc. we can create eye catchier website template designing and deliver to our customers according to the source files they want.

9. What is the use of scalable vector file?

Vector files are one of the file formats which allows user to expand, resize their file formats into any size without reducing image quality. Our professional graphic designing team will helps to deliver your projects with flexible file formats you request from us. It is the editable file format; hence you can make changes in your files without reducing the image quality.

10. How I will receive the design when it is completed?

We are genuine graphic design services provider will deliver your projects within short period of time. Once the final copy of project has been approved by our clients, we will request them to make final payments. We will send your project copy over electronic formats such as DVD’s, Email, File sharing like Drop box etc. which is flexible to your requirements. We used to keep one copy of your completed projects, if you would like to make changes in future.

Domain Services

1. What is domain name? What types of domain names you are offering?

Domain name is the unique identity which is used to locate the URL or specific IP address. Usually domain name is the unique character which represents a particular IP address. It points the URL to point the collective web pages on internet. Sam Web Solution is the leading domain services provider, offering following domain services to our clients businesses.

  • Domain Registration Services
  • Email Server
  • DNS Services
  • Installation Services
  • Web Hosting Services
  • Web Maintenance Services

Do you would like to get genuine and professional domain services within your budget level? Please feel free to contact our team by mail to sales@samwebsolution.com

2. How long will take to register a new domain name for my website?

It takes few minutes only. Fill the details in the registration form attached with our website and quickly register your website domain name.

3. How much does it cost to register my domain name?

The cost for registering a domain name depends on annual maintenance fees and top level domains you chosen. The cost might vary based on top level domain (TLD) as well as country level domains.

4. What is URL forwarding? Do you provide URL forwarding service?

URL forwarding is the technique which is allows transferring your domain location from one point to another according to your requirements. This technique is helpful to connect multiple domain names into same website.

Yes. We are providing URL forwarding service with our domain services. Our team can understand your business requirements and provides custom domain name services such as domain registration, URL forwarding services to maintain your website at reasonable prices.

5. What is Email forwarding? Is this helpful to my business?

Sam Web Solution proudly offers Email forwarding services with our domain services. Our email forwarding services helps to transfer your emails to one Email. This technique helps to receive your all emails into one email which is having your domain extensions. For example


6. Do you offer Spam and Virus filter with your email forwarding service?

Yes. Definitely. We offer spam and virus filter options with our email forwarding services. According to the packages you have chosen, we provides spam and virus protected email forwarding services to your business requirements. Our filters help reduce spam and protect your server from email viruses by catching, filtering, and eliminating of spam emails or messages and email viruses before it will reach your inbox.

7. Do you offer web hosting services? How I can choose hosting plans?

Yes. We offers web hosting services with our domain services. We provide limited and unlimited web hosting services to your requirements. Our web hosting services allows you to store your HTML files and other related information’s to our server. Our server can help to available on your files on internet.

SAM Web Solution provides different types of web hosting plans according to the packages you have chosen. We also provide special features to the web hosting plans you are getting from us.

8. What is web maintenance? Is this really helpful to my website?

Website maintenance is the process of updating your website contents like designs, images, contents and other functions on regular basis. It helps to improve both user and search engine experiences.

Yes. It is really helpful to every website. If the website owner would like to bring potential leads from their website, our website maintenance can do it.

9. Can I host multiple numbers of websites at a time?

Yes. You can do it. But, when you want to host multiple websites, you should setting up separate hosting plans for each and every website you want to host.

10. How do I renew my account?

We offer automatic renewal to your account on monthly basis. Otherwise you can go for my account area and click renew account. Except monthly billings, you will be sent reminder mails. If you have any queries, please contact our team.

Digital Marketing Services

1. Is digital marketing is really beneficial to my business?

Yes. Digital marketing process really helps to carried out your business into online channels such as search engines, social media, websites and email marketing campaigns. Digital marketing process helps to bolster your business online reputation. This is the efficient way to build trustworthy customers to your business.

2. What are SEO, SEM, SMM, and PPC?

SEO – SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of optimizing your websites in famous search engines and getting traffic from search engines to your website for generate leads.

SEM - Search Engine Marketing (SEM) technique is one of the internet marketing processes. It is the process to improve your website visibility in search engine results pages achieved by promoting websites in search engine directories using free and premium options.

SMM- Social Media Marketing process helps to explore your brand awareness in social media networking sites. SMM also generates potential leads from your trustworthy clients.

PPC- PPC stands for Pay per Click. It is the powerful marketing process, and it is the form of paid advertising to promote your brand quickly to your potential customers from any regions.

3. How to bring traffic to my website/blogs from top search engines?

Bringing traffic to your website/blogs is not an easy thing. It requires many things to build better online visibility, traffic and search rankings in top search engines.

The processes which help to generate traffic to your websites are,
  • Optimizing websites in search engines
  • Competitor analysis and keyword research
  • Proper on page and off page optimization
  • Link building and maintaining blog frequency
  • Social media optimization
  • SEO optimized content
  • Increasing the number of referring domains etc.

By following search engine guidelines in genuine manner, you can easily improve your website traffic in top search engine results pages.

4. What types of digital marketing services you are providing?

We digital marketing professionals at Sam Web Solution specialized in various digital marketing activities. We offer different types of digital marketing activities to improve your website presence in various online mediums are,

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SMM)
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Pay Per Click
  • Local SEO Services

5. Which digital platform is best to promote my business online?

We professional digital marketing team at Sam Web Solution suggests social media marketing and Email Marketing techniques are the best way to promote your business through online. By using these techniques you can reach your targeted customers. From the last decade of years, we help our customers business with our SMM and Email marketing services to build better online reputation among their customers.

6. What is social media marketing? Benefits of using SMM services?

Social media marketing is the effective internet marketing strategy which helps to promote your business brand and company websites over social media networking sites. It is the peer to peer sharing method to reach your customers and improve your brand exposure.

Benefits of SMM Services are followed by,
  • Efficient way to reach targeted audiences
  • We can build better brand awareness
  • Social media signals build trust on your websites among search engines
  • Direct or one-to-one customer relationship

7. When I will get results to my digital marketing activities?

According to the digital marketing activities, you carried out to your organic search results in 6-9 months. The result depends on how much contents and reputation you have created on daily basis. As a genuine digital marketing company we will do all the techniques which are provided by the guidelines to improve your website traffic. We never use any shortcut method which is affecting your website performance. If you looking for immediate results you can go through for our paid advertising services like PPC, Facebook Advertising etc.

8. How much does it cost for digital marketing process?

Every digital marketing activities having individual package scheme. According to the package you have chosen, the cost will be differ. Do you want to know more details about digital marketing packages please mail to:


9. What are Important SEO tactics should focus on?

The SEO tactics which helps to focus on your future business are followed by,
  • Create incredible unique and genuine contents to earning links
  • Promoting your contents into famous article submissions sites
  • Curating contents on top bookmarking sites
  • Posting articles into different blogging sites to build more links
  • Make sure about co-citation links
  • Try to build all the links manually
  • Proper on page optimization will improve your search engine ranking
  • Try to work for gain more amount of targeted traffic using search engine guidelines

10. What is paid advertising? It is must require for my business?

Paid advertising is one of the types of advertising methodology. It will helps to bolster your business ads and brand promotion among various paid advertising channels like Pay per click, Facebook advertisements, Google ad words etc. If you want to bring results within short time period, paid advertising is the best option to achieve it.